BME Events | Fortnite at Golf Porto Marina
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Project Name

Fortnite at Golf Porto Marina

About This Project

The biggest Fortnite competition in the North Coast of Egypt took place in the summer of 2019 running from 11th July to 30th August at Golf Porto Marina real estate development in collaboration with Amer Group. Anyone could take part in the competition and get a chance to win many prizes like Playstation 4, V-Bucks and much more! The Solo competition was on PlayStation 4 sponsored by Orange, in partnership with PlayStation Middle East.


BME delivered:


● Over 20,000 attendees
● Event ran every weekend (Thursday & Friday) for 6 hours daily
● Local Youtubers every weekend and International Youtubers on the final weekend (Nerdout Group)
● 80 Playstation consoles, 80 MSi & ASUS gaming monitors
● 80 HyperX gaming headsets
● 16 Highly trained technical ushers
● Used the 1st Battle Royale eSports platform (GBArena) in the Middle East to ensure data security
● Fast registration and points system